White Layer Cake

Throwing a baby shower is a great excuse to bake an elaborate cake. You’d better believe I took advantage while visiting family in January. This was my first attempt at a stacked layer cake! It was a combination of several different recipes, and was also my first time using a rotating decorating stand.

For the cake itself I used the “Perfect Party Cake from Recipe Girl. See her post (and find the recipe) here. I went with four 9-inch rounds, so that it would be extra tall and I wouldn’t have to scive anything. But that meant doing two batches, and it was a lot of cake.

For the frosting I used this cream cheese buttercream. It was a great consistency and will be my go-to from now on.

I piped frosting around the edges of the layers, and then filled with lemon curd. I’ve had disappointing experiences with the traditional double-boiler method, so I gave this microwave version a go and it was incredible— I’ll never make it any other way! Easily the fastest and tastiest lemon curd I’ve ever had/made.

A decorating turntable made the semi-naked look really easy. I bought this one on Amazon and have no complaints. It came with a spatula, and offset spatula, and an edger for making textured sides.

Topped with fresh blueberries and silver sugar crystal sprinkles, this cake was a beauty. It really came together easier than I was expecting, so it was an encouraging beginning!




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